Marketing & Branding

  • Origin

    The term "branding" comes from the act of throwing a cow on the ground and burning one's initials or mark into its hide. After a little healing and dignity recovery the cow is forever identified with the shape of the brand.

  • At Webpedal we spend a great deal of time making sure our client's brand is prominently featured and carries through their website and marketing material. We would say that your website exists for your brand. Everything else, no matter what the product or service, is secondary to your brand presentation.

  • Marketing Your Brand

    Brands that are presented in crisp, clear and sometimes unexpected ways, coupled with strong products or services are fierce combinations that cause customers to act.

  • We can offer marketing guidance and how your brand might be best presented to your audience. Once your new website marketing efforts are implemented and monitored you can decide how far you'll carry your marketing strategy to your audience.

  • Give us a call and let us participate in bringing your brand to life.

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  • Brand Highlights

    • Your brand is your promise to your customers
    • Your brand is your unique identifier
    • Your logo is your visual brand reminder
    • Branding across your electronic and printed media creates consistency in the minds of current and future customers
    • Visual branding is an abstract idea that you implant on the viewer
    • Consistency is a key component of branding and repeating color schemes are a part of branding even if a brand object is omitted